Octagon Clear Raised Lid (FAN-12F) to Suit Wooden Box FAN-12B

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Clear Raised Lid (FAN-12F) to Suit Wooden Box FAN-12B

Dia. 180 x H 20mm


This plastic clear lid is designed to fit the woodbox for salad, sushi, meal etc. on the display and on the go. It is made from polystyrene materials with sturdier thickness and a crystal clear appearance. This enables easily to view the content inside the container. The raised height also maximises the capacity of the container. SGS test certified for food contact safe and temperature tolerance of 89°C. They are recyclable at most councils.


QTY: 25pcs / 300pcs

  • Code: FAN-12B

  • Colour: Natural

  • Thickness: 1.1mm

  • Product Size: Dia. 180 x H 20mm

  • Qty Per Sleeve: 25pcs

  • Qty Per Carton: 300pcs

  • Carton Size: L 43 x W 38 x H 57cm

  • Weight (kg): 3.2


  • Salad Bowl

  • Poke Bowl

  • Sushi Box

  • Cheese Platter Box

  • Sandwich Meal Box

  • Rice Bento Box

  • Fruits Platter