Round CaneBowl (750ml) CH-750B

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Description: Round CaneBowl (750ml)

This Sugarcane Bowl is made from reclaimed sugarcane and bamboo pulp. It can serve the hot and cold food ready on the table or on the go with a matching lid available. Size options have round, rectangular, square, and compartment. These sugarcane bowls are plastic-free and certified home compostable and also accepted commercially compostable.


  • Code: CH-750B

  • Materials: Bagasse

  • Colour:  Natural

  • Product Size:  DIA 180.5 x H 68mm

  • Qty Per Sleeve:  50pcs

  • Qty Per Carton:  400pcs

  • Carton Size: L 38.0 x W 37.0 x H 37.0cm

  • Carton Weight: 10.6


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